by Wayne Allyn Root

My Time-Tested Strategy To Save the Endangered United States Middle Class and Small Business!

THE most important chapter of my new book, The Murder of the Middle Class is entitled, The Middle Class Weapon of Self-Defense. I explain why hard-owned money (physical gold and silver coins) are the only trustworthy foundation upon which you can build a family financial survival plan today.

History reveals that precious metals serve as "wealth insurance" against all types of economic disaster. WHY? Because decades of BAD economic policy (by the Fed and politicians) will soon drive the cost of living (and gold) through the roof!

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MOTMC About The Murder of The Middle Class...
The American middle class was once the richest middle class in the world. Not anymore. In towns and cities across the nation, our once-great middle class is under attack. Fortunately, your family doesn't have to be a victim any longer: Root lays out crucial steps middle class Americans can take to protect themselves and their children in today's hostile economic environment. ORDER The Murder of The Middle Class About Wayne Allyn Root...